Worry no more if you have been wondering how you can maintain your chipping blades. It does not take much. You just need to observe some of the maintenance guides provided by the chipper blades supplier.

But you also need to devise ways you can maintain your chipper blades depending on the conditions you are working in. In this guide, we have put together some simple ways you can be maintaining your blades. Check them out:

Keep Blades In A Dry Place

The first step to maintaining your chipper blades is storage. Make sure that you don’t store blades in wet conditions as they expose them to rust. In the long run, you will have a lot of problems with increases wear and tear. So, always keep your chipper blades in a dry place away from water and moisture.

Store In Their Original Cases

If you have bought extra chipper blades for emergency purposes, then keep them in their original cases. In most cases, the manufacturer provides waterproof blade cases that also protect the blades from mechanical damages. Keep them there to avoid damages even before you start using them.

Use Rust Collector

In cases where getting rid of moisture is a challenge, you can steel maintain the blades in good condition by applying a rust collector. You can also use silica gel to protect the blades from contact with water. The two form a layer that proof the metal from moisture and also mechanical damages.

Proper Cleaning

Just like most cutting tools, you need a proper cleaning of the chipper blades. This is important, especially after chipping, because the material attached to the blades can increase their wear and tear. Use pressure water and detergents for a thorough cleaning.

Frequently Inspection

You need to frequently check your chipper blades for wear and damages. This is a crucial maintenance tip since it helps to identify faults while still small and fix them immediately. The cost of fixing such faults is small as opposed to waiting until the condition gets worse. So frequent inspection is one of the best chipper blades maintenance tips.

Keep Them Sharp

The sharpening of cutter tools is a must if you want to maintain them properly. Make sure that you check the blades regularly for blunt and dullness to avoid damaging them further. The sharpening work should be done by a professional to avoid injuries and also to damage the blades.