Proper Cylinder Engraving Must Include The Following Steps

When performing cylinder engraving, there are a number of things that you must put into consideration. One of these factors is how you can maintain the quality of engraving without compromising operations. There are steps that must be followed, and this is what we are sharing with you.

If you are a first-timer or have just bought a new cylinder laser engraving machine, here are things that you might need to learn regarding cylinder engraving:

Get The Images Right

All printing starts with the creation of the images that need to be printed on the substrate. There are several ways to go about this. One of the things that you need to get right is the making of the final image. It takes a number of steps to get here, but once you have the image right, then you can proceed to the next stage of cylinder engraving.

Get The Right Cylinder

The size of the image will tell you the size of the image and the size of the cylinder that will meet. Make sure that you have gotten the diameter of the cylinder right as well as the machine for the engraving right. With this place, you can move on to the next stage.

Clean the Cylinder

With the machine and the right cylinder in place, the engraving work can now start. The first stage should be the cleaning of the cylinder. This will help to remove the dirt as well as the paints from the previous printing work. There might also be a solution for faster cleaning.

Remove Previous Engraving

This is mostly done using electroplating. The process helps to fill in the pores that had been made by the previous engraving. The process is mechanized and does not take long.

Engraving The Cylinder

With the cylinder from dirt and the previous engravings, the next thing is the engraving of the new image. From there, the engraving cylinder will be ready for the next round of printing.

These are the main steps to follow when cylinder engraving. You should go here to sample a range of high-quality cylindrical laser engraving machines in the market.