Komptech Crambo Shredder: Main Features and Benefits

If you have been using Komptech machines in your wood processing, you must have come across their Crambo model. This is one of the power wood shredders that have been in the market in the recent past. It is also one of the most asked about wood shredders, and that’s why we are sharing some of the crucial information about it with our readers.

We have provided you some of the key features that come with the Komptech Crambo shredder, as well as the benefits you get from it. Check out the following:

Minimized Emissions

Most of the wood shredders in the market are known for the emissions of fine particles and dust when working. But that is not the case with the Komptech Crambo shredder. The machine is designed with two slow-turning yet powerful drums that minimize the number of emissions from the machines. This means you can keep your station clean and also the health of the workers is improved.

Simple Configurations

If you want to change the particle size, it can be very difficult with most of the available wood shredders. But the Komptech Crambo shredder comes with easy configuration functionalities that make it easy to change the shred particles’ size. That’s one of the features that are making them popular in the market.

Powerful Engine

The engine of the wood shredder is one of the factors that determine the performance of the machine. The Komptech Crambo shredder comes with a powerful modern caterpillar engine. The engine is so powerful that it can handle a range of wood and deliver very fine shreds. That’s something that has got many people going for this machine.

Reduced Noise Pollution

The feature of the Komptech Crambo shredder is the reduced noise emission. The machine operates very silently because of the complete muffing of the engine compartments. Therefore, it is the kind of machine you can use even in the residential without disturbing anyone. This means you also don’t have to worry too much about the workers’ hearing health with this shredder.

Easy Maintenance

Whether you want to check the condition of the Komptech Crambo shredder teeth or any other parts, this shredder’s design is making it very easy to maintain. You can easily access all the machine maintenance points with ease, which makes it easy and cheap to maintain. That’s what every machine wishes in their shredder.