5 Reason Why Rock Auger Bit Tip Matters

When buying a rock auger bit for replacement purposes, there are things that you need to consider. Most of the crucial things are tips on how you can get the best auger bits. The bit is made of various parts, and one of the most crucial is the tip. This is a very important part because of a few things.

In this guide, we look at the reason why the rock auger bit matters. We have put together five things that are greatly determined by the auger bit. Check out the following.

Auger Performance

The cutter tools’ tips greatly determine the performance of the drilling machine. If the rock auger bit is not sharp enough to produce the highest cutting performance, then you will have a problem with the overall auger performance. You must ensure that you have bought a rock auger bit made from the material that offers the highest cutting performance. That is the only way that you will get a high auger performance.

Auger Productivity

The other reason why the rock auger bit matters are the productivity of the machine. For the auger to offer you the highest possible productivity, the bits’ cutting performance must be high. You must ensure that the bits you are buying have the tips that can offer the best cutting performance in the condition you are working in.

Bit Resistance To Wear

The other factor that is determined by the rock auger bit tips of the resistance to wear. For the auger bits to wear off, they start from the tip. This is the part that does all the cutting. It is exposed to the most abrasive conditions hence the high rate of wear and tear. So the tip that you buy must be able to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is another factor that you need to consider seriously. For the drilling work, a lot of heat is produced, and the rock auger bit tip is the most exposed. If the tip cannot withstand the heat, then it will wear out fast. Make sure that you have bought material that can withstand heat for the rock auger bit.

Bit Longevity

The quality of the tips determines the longevity of the rock auger bit. If the tip is weak and wears out fast, the bits will not last long. So when buying, select material like tungsten carbide for the rock auger bit tips.